Development News #65 - CBT5 is Live! LIF:MMO is Moving Full Steam Ahead!

      Development News #65 - CBT5 is Live! LIF:MMO is Moving Full Steam Ahead!

      Hey, Feudalists!

      As promised in our recent CBT#5 announcement, we would like to share more details about the upcoming events that we have planned. Currently,
      we’re in the beginning of the CBT#5 testing phase, which will last for a few weeks until we reach a level of acceptable stability, balance and
      overall quality of the game. After that, we plan to shut the servers down for a couple of days in order to wipe them, shuffle resources and
      make some map corrections and tweaks.

      Once these changes are complete, we plan to start a new phase of testing - Steam Early Access Tests! We will let those, who have purchased
      LiF:YO on Steam or have purchased Believer Packs to get into the game so they can redeem their tickets to transfer one of their characters on
      the main continent - Abella. We want also to highlight, that we have NO WIPES planned during or after the Steam Early Access testing phase.

      During Steam EA tests we will provide our supporters, who have bought Believer Packages, with all the benefits that were promised and are
      listed here. Ingame shop monetization will also be implemented and enabled, so you’ll be able to check out some cool new skins for your armor, weapons and

      After 2-3 months of Steam EA tests, we plan to reach an OBT and open the game for everyone to experience! Anyone with a Steam account will be
      able to download and experience Life is Feudal:MMO for free in our new starter island areas.

      If you’re interested to learn more about our project, monetization, game vision and some inside stuff, you can check out the recording of a live
      chat session that happened a few days ago here:

      P.S. We almost forgot, our NA players can expect their regional server to appear and become available 2 weeks from now. We will need your help
      to test these servers to make sure that everything is running properly on the new hardware in this region. This will help us to ensure a smooth
      launch of the NA region server along with the EU region during Steam EA tests.

      P.P.S. Don’t forget to check out Brightlocker where you can earn exclusive Life is Feudal perks and rewards.

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      .."wir müssen zuerst das Leben gewähren, um den Tod auferlegen zu können"..
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