CBT #5 is here and will last until... ( MMO)

      CBT #5 is here and will last until... ( MMO)

      CBT #5 is here and will last until... ( MMO)

      Hey everyone,

      We’re glad to announce that we’ve just opened the gates for CBT#5!

      Among the most important content updates, we’d like to highlight the following:

      • Battle System - Currently launched in testing mode.
      This means that you will have a one hour timer before the battle
      commences, starting from the initial challenge (rather than the 24 hours
      as originally planned). There will also be no consequences to a guild monument of the losing side.

      • Formations - We have greatly boosted formations in
      general and made them simpler to use. Coupled with the Battle System, we
      expect that well-organized guilds will wreak havoc with their wedged
      charges on enemy lines. You can check out our old Devblog to refresh your memory on the Formations system.

      We plan for CBT #5 to be up and running for a few weeks, until we are ready for the next important phase of our tests. Please keep in mind
      that there will be a wipe and a shuffle of resources after the end of the current CBT#5!
      Make sure to check out our Devblog tomorrow to learn more details about our testing schedule and further development plans!

      Patch notes (ver. MMO):

      New features and tweaks:

      • Implemented the Battle System, which is currently in testing mode (shorter timeouts, no consequences)
      • Massive Formation System overhaul - increased formation shapes, sizes and boosted bonuses
      • Added and tweaked a lot of tooltips across the game
      • Special attacks' damage multiplier boosted
      • Grossmesser sword: reduced attack speed
      • Some minor weapon tweaking. Expect a bigger overhaul in the following weeks
      • Added durability checks while interacting with inventory and
      constructed objects. You will no longer see an ability in the context
      menu if durability requirements are not met
      • A bunch of crafting recipe tweaks
      • You can deconstruct incomplete buildings on enemy claims during
      Judgment Hour and if you’re in a state of war. Speed of deconstruction
      depends on the amount of resources that were invested into that
      particular building
      • Properly implemented the swimming skill. It can now be skilled up and allows you to swim longer distances


      • Fixed a bug with mortar creation in a kiln that required a user to constantly reopen it
      • Ranger skill abuse with pavis fixed
      • Fixed the quality cap on metal types in the case of chainmail armor crafting
      • Multiple server and client stability improvements

      — The team

      Carpe Diem et memento mori
      " Sieg bedarf keiner Erklärung, Niederlage erlaubt keine. "
      .."wir müssen zuerst das Leben gewähren, um den Tod auferlegen zu können"..
      Könige repräsentieren,aber die wahre Macht liegt im verborgenen