Development News #56 - ‘Progress on the Newbie Island Experience’

      Development News #56 - ‘Progress on the Newbie Island Experience’

      Hey Feudalists!

      While the team is super busy improving the game's stability and eliminating bugs, some members of our art team have been working on Newbie Island. Since you saw the first concepts, we have created a lot of new decorations and are currently developing the level design.

      We have put together a short video to show you how it looks at the current stage:

      Players' characters will spawn on a vast shallow water bay, amid a
      graveyard of ships. Not far from there is a local village, where players
      can learn some basics about the game. A little further — the tower with
      the Ferryman inside. He is responsible for the transfer of characters
      from Newbie Island to Abella. The monumental tower can be seen from
      every corner of the island, so you can not get lost.

      There is a lot of strangeness on the Newbie Archipelago. You can not spill blood anywhere on these islands (except for the ancient arena). Crops will ripen faster, but all buildings and mines collapse once a week. The weather is unique on the islands, and the inhabitants are equally as strange. You’ll also find the tide is far too strong for you to swim away from the islands.

      Another task that we’re working on is the creation of beginners' quests with dialogue and a new tutorial. In total we plan to introduce around ten NPCs - we'll share more info about them next time!

      Stay tuned!

      - The team

      Carpe Diem et memento mori
      " Sieg bedarf keiner Erklärung, Niederlage erlaubt keine. "
      .."wir müssen zuerst das Leben gewähren, um den Tod auferlegen zu können"..
      Könige repräsentieren,aber die wahre Macht liegt im verborgenen